Afterimage (Powidoki)

Afterimage is Andrzej Wajda’s last film. The Polish master died last year a few month . He was 90-year-old. This is a biopic concerned with the later life of Wladyslaw Strzeminski, an avant-garde artist who was censored by the Stalinist Soviet communist regime. In 1950, Strzeminski refused to follow the directives of the Ministry of culture and art. It was clear, either respect the socialist realist doctrine or you can’t teach. Strzeminski (Boguslaw Linda) lost his job at Lódz’s Higher school of plastic arts and also lost his teacher’s permit, and even the possibility of buying paint. At first he is the idol of his young students, but, as the story progresses, he soon finds himself alone. His young daughter, Nika (Bronislawa Zamachowska), is trying as best as she can to help him, but after a while the situation is too hopeless for her. Boguslaw Linda plays the physically demanding part (Strzeminski lost one leg and one arm during World War I) with aplomb and a passionate drive. Strzeminski is convinced about the choices he made and does not have to scream his convictions or rage about them. Linda brings exactly the right amount of minimalist acting the part needs. This is a touching last film. The artist known as Wajda can comprehend Wladyslaw Strzeminski’s plight better than anyone. He probably has lived some of the same situations and made the same sacrifice for his art. Do widzenia i dziękuję, Andrzejowi Wajdzie.

Rémi-Serge Gratton

Afterimage (Powidoki)

Directed by:
Andrzej Wajda

Screenplay by:
Andrzej Mularczyk
Andrzej Wajda

Boguslaw Linda
Aleksandra Justa
Bronislawa Zamachowska
Zofia Wichlacz

98 min.

Rated Parental Guidance

In Polish with English subtitles